Not A Typical Bad Boy's Type Not A Typical Bad Boy's Type

Not A Typical Bad Boy's Type

| Ongoing
Luna Nayelle
Yuone Williams has masculine traits that would make any woman swoon. Julia Taylor will loathe the man's wonderful beauty on a daily basis. Bloodthirsty, reckless, tyrannical, manipulative, and uninteresting. His flamboyant characteristics blind his students, yet they remain mute. Julia Taylor seems to be a scumbag, a cheapskate, and an unsophisticated woman, yet she is a bold, daring warrior. Yuone was apprehensive of her since she had preconceived notions about the whole university. Because of this, she was singled out by everyone on campus. He singles her out because he despises her bravery. She's always the victim. Unless they are correct... Do you have opposing viewpoints? What if the woman he's been bullied for so long aids him in his first love? She will not love a man who would make her life difficult. Will they repel one other like a magnet's opposite when they grasp how things change? More
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2022-12-06 21:38