My bodyguard husband My bodyguard husband

My bodyguard husband

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What happens when two laterally opposite worlds of business collide. One from the day and the other operates at night. Jema Malteng was the first child of a famous business tycoon. She was the next in line successor of his vast business empire. She had always believed for years that she would assume position of chief executive officer once her father stepped down,seeing that he had no male child. Her father however, gave her a condition which she must fulfill if she wanted to reach that mantle, she must get married in six months after reading his will or risk the company being handed over to her step sister . She was distraught on hearing the news because she had no man in her life and neither did she ever plan to. She looked for a quick means of fulfilling his wish and resorted to a contract marriage with a man who crashed into her car the day she was returning from the will reading. It seemed like the most viable solution, seeing that it was in trend but little did she know that her newly contracted husband had secrets of his own. He lunged her into a world of danger and paranoia, adding to the one she already led. They uncovered many underlying plots against them as they continued with the marriage and along the line,began to develop feelings for each other as well. "Miss,are you sure you are willing to put up with my fast paced life,it can get a little risky as we ride on", he said and leaned in into the seat,hands crossed believing that she would change her mind. She looked at him with absolutely no doubt in her mind. " I don't care,you are a bodyguard aren't you,I'll be fine as long as you're with me",she stated in an as a matter of fact tone,handing him the pen. He shook his head and grinned at her confidence. He collected the pen and signed,but as he did so,he looked at her. "Welcome to hell Miss Malteng", he said rolling the pen to her across the table. Watch as the plot unfolds. Disclaimer: This book cover isn't originally mine. More
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