And We Met Again And We Met Again

And We Met Again

| Ongoing
Falling in love is easy, but keep that love is not that easy. Karan: an entrepreneur, hard working. After his heart break, he dedicated himself to his work and never looked back after that. After successfully becoming a billionaire on his own, he decided to get married. But the girl he was married to was the girl who he think, had mercilessly smashed his heart under her feet. Amayra: Content writing in financial magazine who values her relationships. She always dedicated to work and never wanted to get married. After tasting the bitter taste of betrayal, she was left broken and never wanted to be in any kind of relationship. But she again entered into a relationship. And this time it was marriage. But with same person. they both fell in love obvious. but wait they fell in love during their college days. and now after five years they are enemies. both who were madly in love with each other. why do not want to see each other faces. not even tolerate other person's presence. what happened during these five years or five years ago. Why they betrayed each other if they were madly in love? READ MORE warning : Mature content More
Chapter 108 The End !!!
2023-09-23 14:25