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Best Girl Friends

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It’s been a while since I came for a visit to Italy. I can still remember that rainy day when I met her. It’s started out with a little conversation, what was that we talked about…uh!. Oh yes, about our stay in Italy. Rain is pouring but my heart was beating faster than the droplets of water that was making her blouse wet and her black colored bra sticking out, literally sticking-out with her breasts seen because her top’s unbuttoned its upper three buttons. She didn’t care for she laughed with my lame jokes about the rain, the people we met while we were walking. I can’t remember where we were headed but I just knew that she was the girl for me. I am a woman, born and raised in Italy until I reached 15 years old. I needed to go to a dormitory in the states and graduated at Harvard....yet, meeting Leila is different...she is different, wild, sweet, beautiful, crazy but sensitive. I am such a quiet person and so lucky to have her as a friend, but are we just friends or something more. I hated her guts, the way she smelled and move makes me insane.... More
Chapter 81 Being with Leila 3 I'm inlove..cont.
2023-09-23 14:25