Attraction by Laila Ali Attraction by Laila Ali

Attraction by Laila Ali

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DARK ROMANCE "I told you, every breath you'd take, I would be aware of it," he said moving closer towards her making her take a step back. Her heart was palpitating wildly unable to withstand the intensity his eyes hold which made her eyes to move down on their own. He took one more step and she again backed away. "Didn't I, Roshanay?" he cocked his brow, his hand itching to grasp her neck. One more step by him and now her back touched the wall. She had now nowhere to go and dread was creeping up her nerves. Her eyes helplessly looked towards the door and then at him who was moving towards her with that vicious glare but a calm composure. His calmness was making her shudder, she could already feel her forlegs shivering not able to withstand her weight. She felt like she was standing in a lion's den and the lion was ready to pounce on her and break her neck. "You know," he stood infront of her, his hand beside her head and at that moment she just only wanted to hide in the wall, "what I want to do with you right now?" Her fear filled eyes just looked at him and she couldn't find her voice anymore. "Strip you off your clothes and belt the hell out of you," he muttered, "Please no! Don't do this to me!" she shrieked and within a flash he grasped her arm and threw her on the bed. Jumping over, he dug his fingers in her cheeks puckering her lips. "You need a punishment Roshanay" he gritted before pulling back. "Please no!" "Dont you dare utter a word! Not a single voice! I told you, you carry my fucking name! My fucking name! You're my woman!" he shouted making her sob loudly, "And you still had the audacity?!" he roared. By now his shirt was off of him while his hands released the belt. "Now face the consequences" And with a harsh tug, the sound of ripping of her shirt was heard followed by her heart wrenching scream More
Chapter 33 Hur
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