The CEO's Bodyguard The CEO's Bodyguard

The CEO's Bodyguard

| Ongoing
Authoress Ria
Samantha Gray was just a simple beautiful girl like every other girl in the world until that disaster struck which changed the girl’s mindset. She came back bold, strong and determined. She had that thirst to ruin something or rather someone but this time, with a new identity. The city’s sweetheart, Ryan Robin Anderson, was a young successful CEO. He was in dire need of a guard to protect him and without an idea of what was coming for him, his enemy was hired. Just around the same time, he came in contact with a strange woman with the mask. Ryan couldn’t help the feelings that he developed for this lady. Unknown to him, both his new found guard and the masked lady were just one person. Now, Samantha had unavoidable rules. Ryan shouldn’t know what her true identity was. She mustn’t fall for him. Despite her strong personality, would she be able to withstand what being around Ryan holds for her? Would she able to determine who to trust? “I’ve been employed to protect you from your business foes. But who would protect you from me?” More
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2023-09-23 14:20