His' Bait His' Bait

His' Bait

| Ongoing
__SyNoPsIs__ You might wonder what the bait is all about? Yeah. Life, itself, is a dirty game??. Like a pass card, just to achieve the impossible in the expense of others. Here comes a clean but dirty game played amongst three. Each wants to be crowned the dirtiest and master of the game... Hardie Morrison, a drug addict and a drug Lord too. Involved in a play of lose or win, he lost his beloved and he's bent on revenge. Arlington Harvard, a young and promising lady who's just after what life decided to offer. Everyone seeks for happiness and yes, that's one of Arling's wish everyday. What happens when Arlington met with Hardie, fell head over heels with him but all Hardie wants was just to used her for his benefit and disposed her off like a trash. Love, they say, melts a hardened heart and it sometimes heals a broken heart too. But what if reverse is the case here? What if Arlington was just the wrong bait? What if...? What if...? More
Chapter 68 Just mere words
2023-06-02 03:59